Wave Echo Cave

The D&D Lost Mines of Phandelver starter adventure is a great place to start your campaign in the Forgotten Realms. Or at least, that’s what we did! What started as a short adventure turned into a two-year campaign.

In the original adventure, the Echo Wave Caves is where the grande finale takes place. In our campaign, it’s where the rest of our adventure started. After killing the Big Bad Boss, our group had to figure out why these people were being kidnapped. A chase across the Undersea ensued!

One page dungeons make it really easy to run a session at the table. This version may not match your adventure to the tee, you’ll probably find some hacks for your finale.

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    How was your Lost Mines of Phandelver finale? Defeated the Black Spider? Caught Jarnor? Sailed across Undersea? Share in the comments below!

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