Swordcoast Revised

A condensed version of the Sword Coast that can easily be used for your starter set or essentials kit! Here are some pointers that I implemented in our campaign. May they inspire you! Find the Free download below.

Asylum: After the Spell Plague, magi that lost their minds were harbored here, some still to today.

Bullywug: A friendly tribe who were oppressed by a hag and corrupting swamp.

Embers: Is the entrance to an underground Tiefling/Genasi society that has sworn to protect the gates to Avernus that lie beneath Neverwinter.

Gnomengarde: An advanced gnome society that regards science, technology, and trade the highest virtue. Can be reached through passages north and south of the mountain range.

Kessig:  A secluded town run by werewolves. Though, mysterious deaths have been occurring here.

Mines: These are the Phandalin mines adventure that you can find in an earlier post on my Patreon.

Raven Rock: A shamanic tribe of orcs, dedicated to the Raven Queen, live atop this high spire.

Shelby Estate: Is a wealthy arms dealer that has Gnomengarde build advanced weaponry. He made his wealth during the Gauntlgrym wars and is looking to expand.

Sister Hilde: A swamp hag who helped the dragon unleash planar goo into the material plane.

Trail’s End: Is a western type crossway town.

Tree of Death: A splintered tree of life surrounded by elven ruins in a swamp. Currently the lair for a black dragon.

Wyvern Tor: Sailing across the Undersea from Wave Echo Cave you reach this orcish tribal city that is preparing for war on Triboar.

swordcoast campaign map

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