Campaign Map – Swordcoast Revised

A condensed version of the Sword Coast that can easily be used for your starter set or essentials kit! Here are some pointers that I implemented in our campaign. May they inspire you! Find the Free download below.

Asylum: After the Spell Plague, magi that lost their minds were harbored here, some still to today.

Bullywug: A friendly tribe who were oppressed by a hag and corrupting swamp.

Embers: Is the entrance to an underground Tiefling/Genasi society that has sworn to protect the gates to Avernus that lie beneath Neverwinter.

Gnomengarde: An advanced gnome society that regards science, technology, and trade the highest virtue. Can be reached through passages north and south of the mountain range.

Kessig:  A secluded town run by werewolves. Though, mysterious deaths have been occurring here.

Mines: These are the Phandalin mines adventure that you can find in an earlier post on my Patreon.

Raven Rock: A shamanic tribe of orcs, dedicated to the Raven Queen, live atop this high spire.

Shelby Estate: Is a wealthy arms dealer that has Gnomengarde build advanced weaponry. He made his wealth during the Gauntlgrym wars and is looking to expand.

Sister Hilde: A swamp hag who helped the dragon unleash planar goo into the material plane.

Trail’s End: Is a western type crossway town.

Tree of Death: A splintered tree of life surrounded by elven ruins in a swamp. Currently the lair for a black dragon.

Wyvern Tor: Sailing across the Undersea from Wave Echo Cave you reach this orcish tribal city that is preparing for war on Triboar.

swordcoast campaign map

Combat Narration

I like to be descriptive when it comes to combat. After all, RPGs are a shared storytelling experience, right? Instead of just calling a hit, a hit, why not say “My sword slashes down its calf cutting several tendons in half” or “My healing words float in ribbons of salving weave around you”. It’s a personal preference but also a matter of having the vocabulary at hand.

The wallpaper below may help you find the words you need to make your combat just that tiny bit more descriptive.


combat narration wallpaper
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